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Form 8A For Transposition of Entry
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For Transposition of Entry :
Particulars of present place of ordinary Residence (Full address) :
** House/ Door number
** Street/ Area/Locality/Mohalla/Road
** Town/ Village
** Post Office
** Pin Code
** Tehsil/ Taluka/Mandal/ Thana
** District

Recent Passport Size Photograph Should be 3.5 CM X 3.5 CM Showing Frontal View of Full Face.
Can you decline to cast your vote at the last stage? :
The law enables a voter to decline casting his vote at the last stage. If you decide not to cast your vote after having signed on the Register of Voters and after having received the voters’ slip from the Second Polling Officer, you must inform the Presiding Officer immediately. He will then take back the voters’ slip from you and proceed to record in the remarks column of the Register of Voters that you have declined to exercise your franchise and you will be required to put your signature under such entry. After this is done, you can leave the polling station without proceeding to the Voting Compartment.

What happens when your vote is challenged? :
In case your identity as a voter is challenged by a polling agent of any candidate, on the ground that you are not the person whose name is listed on the rolls, the Presiding Officer will ask the challenger to give evidence in proof, of his challenge. Similarly, he will ask you for proof of your identity. You can use your EPIC or any other supporting document like Passport, Ration card etc. for this purpose. If the challenge is not established, you will be allowed to vote. However, if challenge is established, you will be debarred from voting and handed over to the police with a written complaint by the Presiding Officer.

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What happens if someone else has cast the vote in your name? :
If the First Polling Officer tells you on arrival inside the polling station that your vote has already been cast, bring this to the attention of the Presiding Officer immediately. The law allows you to cast a Tendered Vote. A Tendered Ballot Paper, as per Rule 49P of the Conduct of Elections Rules, will be given to you and you will be required to sign your name on the list of tendered votes. A tendered ballot paper is the same as the ballot paper displayed on the balloting unit, except that it shall be endorsed on the back, with the words, “Tendered Ballot Paper” either stamped by the Returning or written by the Presiding Officer at the time of issuing it.

uttar pradesh opinion poll uttar pradesh candidate list uttar pradesh election results up election results After marking your choice of candidate with the help of Arrow Cross Mark rubber stamp you should hand over the tendered ballot paper to the Presiding Officer, who will keep it in a separate cover. Please note that in such case, you will not cast your vote on the EVM.

What are the grievance redressal mechanisms available to you? :

If you have any grievance in regard to electoral roll, Electors Photo Identity Card or any other election related matter you may approach following Officers
Chief Electoral Officer—————- At the State Level
District Election Officer—————At the District Level
Returning Officer———————–At the Constituency Level
Assistant Returning Officer———–At Taluka/Tahsil Level
Electoral Registration Officer———- At the Constituency Level
Presiding Officer———————–At Polling Station
Zonal Officer ————————For a group of Poling stations
(Detailed addresses etc. to be provided by the CEO)

During every election, the Commission appoints Observers who are senior civil service officers from outside the state. If you have any grievances or problems, you should approach them. Form 8A For Transposition of Entry : CEO Assam Reviewed by King Arthur on 10:16 PM Rating: 5

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